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Recently added resources:
FTC Staff Report Provides Guidance to Promote Competition in Municipality Wireless Internet Service
Improving consumer access to broadband Internet service is an important goal for federal, state, and local governments. The possibility of competitive risks arising from municipal participation in wireless Internet service, however, calls for a careful analysis by policymakers considering if, and to what extent, a municipality should involve itself in such service, according to a report prepared by Federal Trade Commission staff. Subjects: Business, Economic Development, General Public, Technology Type: Publication

Downloads of flicks get battle testing
Jonathan Sidener, Personal Technology Editor writes about what's coming in on-demand movies. Apple Computer is about to take over Hollywood the way it has dominated the portable digital music arena with its iPod. And you know your boss expects you to write about the terrain-altering news when official word comes out. So you drag yourself into the office only to find out that the Earth hasn't shattered. Apple is going to sell Disney movies on iTunes. Whoa. Hold the presses. Subjects: Entertainment, General Public, Technology Type: News Item

Broadband Deployment Key to Opportunity for Children The Children’s Partnership (TCP) released an analysis of how the deployment of high-speed Internet (or broadband) affects 73 million U.S. children, nearly 10 million of whom live in California. Helping Our Children Succeed: What’s Broadband Got to Do With It? reviews concrete ways in which broadband serves as the conduit for delivering valuable opportunities to youth—services that increase educational achievement, improve children’s health, prepare young people for the jobs of today and tomorrow, and enable young people to get involved in their local communities. Subjects: Education & Research, General Public, Healthcare, Technology Type: Publication

Emergency response portals ready for hurricane season
Houston residents fleeing Hurricane Rita last year were willing to pay any price for a few gallons from the short supply of gasoline. NASA employees at the Johnson Space Center in Houston were less desperate, however. NASA Emergency Operations employees used the agency’s customizable internal Web portal to create online maps that showed which gas stations recently received fuel deliveries. Subjects: General Public, Government, Technology Type: Application, News Item